Power of Intercession - Taiwan Mission Trip update 5 (04/12)


Zhang Hua Tian Zhong Sacred Heart of Jesus convent and Cathedral of Christ the Saviour, Tai Chung

Having arrived in Tai Chung the night before from HuWei, the Mission Team woke up to a beautiful buffet breakfast at The Splendor Hotel. It was definitely a luxury in this 4 star hotel in the heart of shopping district in Tai Chung. 

TaiwanMissionTrip2012Update5_1Morning stop - Zhang Hua Tian Zhong Sacred Heart of Jesus convent
We hit the road again and the bus trips were great to catch up on some sleep while listening to praise and worship songs. We arrived at the Zhang Hua Tian Zhong Sacred Heart of Jesus convent after about an hour. The convent had a lovely serene atmosphere. 

After one of the Sisters gave us a short introduction of their order, we went to the church to pray. I didn’t really know what to expect as we weren’t sure what the Sisters’ exposure to Charismatic movement and praying in tongues were and they were so quiet praying in the church, we almost didn’t want to disturb the tranquility! 

We began by singing Amazing Grace and then slowly prayed in tongues, and then Stan led the Sinners’ Prayer afterwards. Stan shared later that night during the debrief that in the beginning he also felt alittle strange to lead the Sisters to say the Sinners Prayer as he was merely a lay person. However, I really witnessed how the Holy Spirit moved so beautifully just like a light summer breeze throughout the church touching the Sisters. What a privilege and honour to be used as God’s instruments to pray for these Sisters!

After praying for the Sisters, the whole church lit up with praise, THS and the Sisters all sang the renowned Streams of Praise with actions!

First Tai Chung Prayer Meeting 

After attending daily mass at 5.15pm at the Cathedral, the Mission Team gathered to intercede for the first prayer meeting in Tai Chung and pray for all blockages to be removed in Jesus’ name.

Messages included: 

  • Seeds blown and scattered into all directions and trees were fully grown. Graces received by those attending the meeting will not just be kept in their hearts but will be spread to the ends of the earth. 
  • Seeds of faith sown in this church
  • Desert and people being led to fountain
  • Dry land and God is raining His mercy to soften the land ready for the seeds to be sown. 
  • The Lord is unifying the Mission Team in the one Spirit.

Imsoon’s Talk – Are You Willing to Be An Intercessor for Your Children?

  • TaiwanMissionTrip2012Update5_3During P&W, Imsoon saw a picture of Jesus carrying the cross and a lot of women were following Him and crying but Jesus told them not to cry for Him but cry for the sins and their children. 
  • Are you willing to be the bearer of burden for your children? Do you have faith in God that He will raise them up in this crazy world or just wish and hope they’ll remain in church? 
  • If you truly want them to become salt and light of the world - need to pray and cry out in faith so they will become great servants of the Lord.
  • God is always concerned with the next generation and the Holy Spirit always comes for a purpose. Ask God to give you more power to pray through Baptism of the Holy Spirit. 
  • Ask God to give you power to obey His Word even though it’s hard. If you try, God will give you more power to obey because you tried. 
  • Obey = surrender own will and idea of life to God because He will give you better will to glorify Him as you’ll be doing what He wants.
  • We can still have battles to win but we can smell victory and God will give us power to be bold and courageous to press on.
  • Return all hearts to God and receive His power – walk victoriously and tell people about God and only He can do it. People will believe because they know you and how you change and will turn to God. 
  • All gifts are to edify the Church.
  • God is willing to feed you to pray and intercede for future. 
  • If you are overflowing and heart is cleansed continuously – Spirit of wisdom will be upon you: 

  - Tell you when to speak, when to be quiet, when to move and when to stop
  - Learn how to be silent in the presence of the Lord. 
  - Wait upon the Lord and He will give you words on the lips and will only speak of Lord’s Word. 
  - Whole cathedral will be filled with Word of God – no gossip and only noise will be about God. 

  • Believe what Jesus said, ask God to help you believe more - prayer will be differently if you truly believe!