THS 2010 Mission Trip

Dear friend in Christ,

In less than a month, THS will be embarking on another thrilling mission trip to Taiwan & Hong Kong and we cannot wait to meet all of you and make new friends again!

The theme for this trip is 'RESTORE to me the JOY of your salvation' (Psalm 51:14)

As we approach Christmas, one of the central themes in Advent is joy. St Paul mentioned that joy is one of the fruits of the Spirit (Gal 5:22) and this is our heart's response to God's goodness and mercy.

When God sent His only Begotten Son as our Saviour, He was restoring our relationship with Him.

This restoration is so important and great because those who are being saved and asked to return are sinners and transgressors. When our sins are forgiven, we are restored to fellowship with God.

It is not the restoration of land or property or relationships or even health that are vital.

It is knowing that as sinners, like David in the psalm, we can return to God and experience His healing grace and be filled with this joy of our salvation.

It is knowing that being saved is a joyful grace that has been freely given by God.

It is through realising that we have a God of unlimited grace who has saved us that we should be joyful, because the joy of our Lord is our strength!

As we are restored to God's side, we are also restored to fellowship with God's people.

During our prayer meetings, we will celebrate this joy and and exult with all our hearts because we know that with God on our side, we have no more evil to fear (Zephaniah 3:15).

Let's walk on with a mindset of this joyful restoration. God's love knows no limits. His grace knows no measure.

See you next month and
Be blessed to be a blessing,