My yoke is light - Taiwan Mission Trip Update 2 (01/12)

My Yoke Is LightToday, people came with all different kinds of burdens and loads looking for JESUS.
“I don’t think I’ve ever been to a prayer  meeting in all my years in Mission trip where there were so many different issues” Stanley Seah  said during our debrief session. 
There was:

Come, All You Who Are Thirsty - Taiwan Mission Trip Update 1 (30/11)

Lead up
Day 1 began with morning Mass in the Chapel of where the Mission Team stayed. Afterwards, the Team gathered together in the Chapel with Imsoon. Each of us shared our own purpose for attending this year’s Mission Trip and Stan said that he believes that each of us have our own personal missions on this trip. Mission Trip is a ministry that is continual. What we receive we will take back to Sydney and what we leave behind will also be used by God. The Mission Trip is not just a one-off event where you “bomb and leave”.  Imsoon shared about her mum’s great recovery while she was on mission. She said that we should focus on the mission and leave everything at the foot of the cross because He is a faithful God.

香港祈禱會 十二月九日


HK Mission Trip聖文德堂, 九龍慈雲山蒲崗村道89號

十二月九日(星期日), 下午三時至下午六時


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Eva Li (HK mobile): 6410 8808


台北, 台中祈禱營 十一月三十日至十二月五日


Taiwan Mission Trip poster台北新北市新店區三民路18號 (崇光女中 文萃樓)
十一月三十日 (五) 晚上七時至十時
十二月一日 (六) 早上十時半至下午六時
十二月二日 (日) 下午一時半至五時

台中市三民路二100號 (耶穌救主主教座堂)
十二月四日 (二) 晚上七時至九時
十二月五日 (三) 晚上七時至九時

吳先生 0926-267-699    張先生 0922-820-800
雷小姐 0922-889-940    業小姐 0952-502-999