The Potter’s Hand - Taiwan Mission Trip update 6 (05/12)

God’s Hand at work

Cathedral of Christ the Saviour, Tai Chung
Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Tai Chung Prayer Meeting II

The Mission Team understood that there was a special purpose for this church and parish. A purpose that went far beyond the confines of this parish itself. 

Having had a full house attendance in the Tai Chung Prayer Meeting I, the team was eager to give it all we got and asked for God’s almighty hand and anointing to be upon the people coming to the prayer meeting.  

Again for prayer meeting II, there was full house attendance with many new attendees who had not attended the previous night’s prayer meeting. Prior to the prayer meeting the team widened the aisles of the church by shifting the pews which became very useful for praying over people during the last part of the prayer meeting. After a Spirit Filled Praise and Worship, Imsoon began her talk on THE POTTERS HAND. 

TaiwanMissionTrip2012Update6_2Imsoon’s Talk – THE POTTER’S HAND

  • Jeremiah 18:1-6
  • Clay in the hands of the potter
  • Verse 6 is important: “You are in My hand”
  • The word of God came to Jeremiah to go to the potter’s house. Arise + Go + See
    • Must see & understand something that was not known before
    • God will give you His personal word
  • Potter’s house is the church
  • God is the owner of the potter’s house
  • Clay is us, humans
  • God is at work, the potter is making a vessel
  • Everywhere God’s power reaches, must see the potter
    • Must see God at church and what He is doing
    • In the family and in your life
  • God is at work making a vessel
  • If you see God working then you can see His hand
  • God is making something in His hand, something wonderful, He never makes anything useless, He intends to make a masterpiece
    • Must believe His intention is only good
    • Sometimes we don’t know/misunderstand/ are against His intention
  • Are you glad to be under His will so He can make something great out of you?
  • Teaching session (Jeremiah) we must accept God’s sovereignty before we can receive anything
    • How much do you accept His sovereignty over your life? Our plans -> Set aside 
  • The greatest quality of clay is that it yields.  As it yields in the hands of the potter it can become something of great value.
  • God, I want to be held by Your hand, make me and mould me so that I can be used for Your kingdom
  • When God touches something a work of art will be made of you
  • We must be busy to allow the potter to make something
  • Church must pray together to be moulded by Him
    • Then we can rejoice in God’s making and become a witness
    • God will honour your faith and have mercy on you if you accept His sovereignty
  • The way we can give glory to God is by how much we are changed by the potters hand
  • God knows exactly what to make, He knoes how fabric. Depending on the texture, He knows what to build
  • New language, if we pray more and more, our heart changes to His will and we grow in faith and in spirit
  • God what are You going to use me for today?

Lunch with  Bishop Su from Tai Chung

  • We were blessed to again this year have a lunch with Bishop Su from Tai Chung and visit His Bishop house