I Came to Give You an Abundant Life (Jn 10:10) - Taiwan Mission Trip Update 4 (03/12)

Tuku and Hu Wei, en route to Tai Chung

The days on Mission are long yet quick; there is much to do yet very little time. Nevertheless, days seem like weeks, almost as though we are in a ‘divine time capsule’ with God as the time master. It is only Day Four yet we feel we have accomplished a lot. One way or another, we were  able to complete all the necessaries within the set timeframe – God is good!

Day Four of Mission was exactly just that. With the addition of another prayer meeting in Hu Wei at 6pm, we had to charge ahead to make haste as we departed from Taipei, stopped over at Tuku and Hu Wei, en route to Taichung.

The group was in constant movement and action therefore we didn’t have the luxury of a ‘formal’ scheduled time to pray as a  group to intercede for the prayer meetings. We had to rely on your intercession back home in Sydney to help us throughout the day.

Marco and Stan expressed they felt your intercession backing us up throughout the day. Your prayers helped tremendously as we overcame logistical and time issues. Additionally, the prayer meeting at Hu Wei drew a considerable crowd despite being ‘last minute’ and considering the competing demands faced by parishioners. Your prayers helped ‘shift the axis of the world toward God’s favour’.

Our first stop in Day Four was to visit Anne’s childhood parish in Tuku where we prayed over mentally disabled students. This was a special place  for me because I received a wonderful grace and a teaching from God when I prayed over a student at my first Mission Trip back in 2010. This time, it was an opportunity for me to reciprocate  this  and bless the students even more. At this visit, we deliver  the central message of ‘God is love’ and ‘God loves you’.

“Intercession shifts the axis of the world toward God’s favour” - Paraphrased from Stanley 

After visiting Anne’s parents’ sesame factory and indulging in some ice cream, we pushed forward for the prayer meeting at Hu Wei church. The experience in this prayer meeting reinforced in me that Mission is all about God’s people. The Holy Spirit moved me to befriend a young boy and to minister to him throughout the  entire evening. For the entire prayer meeting, the Holy Spirit impressed upon me not to move and to solely pray for this boy. Never have I spent one hour praying unceasingly for just one person. After the prayer meeting, the young boy was so grateful and told me that God helped him resolve a two-year long trial that  he has been facing. What a privilege it is  to be God’s instrument and to witness first-hand God’s power at work!

Alleluia, God is good!

To have an abundant life, you need Wisdom
Wisdom enables you to make good decisions and judgments – it ‘tells’ you how to live, what to say or not to say. Wisdom can even make you live longer because it will let you know how best to live. 

Wisdom is more precious than silver or gold
Scripture says: Happy are those who follow wisdom and understanding. Bible also says that the foundation of earth is based on wisdom. 

‘Internal Capacity’ and ‘Territory’
To have an abundant life we need to consider two aspects  –  our internal capacity and our territory  i.e.  external reach. As we call for more faith, hope and love, we increase our heart i.e. internal capacity.  Coupled with our  call for more  of  the gift of knowledge, wisdom and understanding, we expand our territory. 

We need to pray for the 7 Pillars of Wisdom 
1.  Fear of the Lord 
2.  Discernment – to be able to distinguish right from wrong 
3.  Prudence – self control 
4.  Diligence – to finish the job that God gives us 
5.  Knowledge 
6.  Instruction – without disciplined instructions we will not have a healthy life. More importantly we need the instruction from the Church 
7.  Understanding – with an understanding, we can understand all areas of life. It enables us to see the bigger picture, therefore we can see what God is doing in our lives and in the lives of others 

Concluding Points

  • Wisdom can be used for your own life and for ministry
  • With wisdom, we can expand the Kingdom of God very effectively
  • Without abundant wisdom from God, we can easily give up
  • When the spirit of God comes upon you, you receive Wisdom