My yoke is light - Taiwan Mission Trip Update 2 (01/12)

My Yoke Is LightToday, people came with all different kinds of burdens and loads looking for JESUS.
“I don’t think I’ve ever been to a prayer  meeting in all my years in Mission trip where there were so many different issues” Stanley Seah  said during our debrief session. 
There was:

• Healing required
• Deliverance required
• People who came to church who haven’t decided to believe yet
• Catholics who have never heard of the charismatic movement and speaking in tongues
• Catholics who have been to charismatic prayers meeting before and said that this time they felt very touched


PREPARATION – Training up
We know that in this Mission Trip Imsoon  was really trying to train us all up quickly. She even suggested that Stanley and Imsoon do a 1 on 1 session together with Maria who was the lady seeking healing.

During our debrief session, we all learnt that we should no longer pray over people with a “blanket”, “one prayer covers all” type of prayer. We were to pray a “targeted” prayer asking the Holy Spirit if He could reveal to us the exact issue and be able to Baptise them in the Holy Spirit.
“You have to be like a doctor Diagnosing a patient” Imsoon  said.

My Yoke Is Light 2PREPARATION – Morning prayer/Messages

• God promises His presence to be with us and what we receive from this habitation from God we will take back to Sydney
• A garden and His abundance covering over us

LIFE in the Spirit Seminar (morning)
• Who is the Holy Spirit?
Father, Abba is our creator and breathed life into us
The Spirit points us to Jesus and Jesus brings us back to Our Father
The Spirit leads our life so our fire never dies out

• The pride of humans created the Tower of Babel, we wanted to lift ourselves up to the heavens and thus we were scattered and separated into our different lands and different languages
The Holy Spirit has come to unite us together again

• The Holy Spirit has come so that we can have a constant renewal of life
    Thus the Pentecost is a Pentecost of Love
The Cross of Christ is also a part of the Pentecost because our renewal of life must be grounded in the cross of Christ, a constant nailing of sins to Jesus and being renewed by the Holy Spirit 

LIFE in the Spirit Seminar (afternoon)
•    7 root causes of sin
o    Pride
o    Stinginess (overly), these people usually insensitive to poor
o    Lust – these people are insensitive to Spiritual love
o    Anger – people are always complaining and resentful
o    Gluttony – people have vague judgement, don’t know what’s important in life, degrading dignity of human life
o    Jealousy
o    Slothfulness – people avoid hardship, avoid duties
•    We need the Holy Spirit to open our Spiritual eyes
•    We need the Holy Spirit to give us wings that have strength so we can soar and a the Holy Spirit is our strong Mast that can help us to sail
•    So we know what is true and what is false

Debriefing session- lessons learnt
•    Before praying for healing we should lead people to baptism of the Holy Spirit first
•    A hindrance to receiving the baptism in the Holy Spirit is when  people had not made a decision to believe in Jesus yet
•    Sometimes after the diagnosis of your “patient” they may need a combination of things: prayover, inner healing, threatening, character change etc.