Come, All You Who Are Thirsty - Taiwan Mission Trip Update 1 (30/11)

Lead up
Day 1 began with morning Mass in the Chapel of where the Mission Team stayed. Afterwards, the Team gathered together in the Chapel with Imsoon. Each of us shared our own purpose for attending this year’s Mission Trip and Stan said that he believes that each of us have our own personal missions on this trip. Mission Trip is a ministry that is continual. What we receive we will take back to Sydney and what we leave behind will also be used by God. The Mission Trip is not just a one-off event where you “bomb and leave”.  Imsoon shared about her mum’s great recovery while she was on mission. She said that we should focus on the mission and leave everything at the foot of the cross because He is a faithful God.

Our first prayer meeting didn’t start until 7pm so after we gathered in the morning, the Team had time to rest and prepare individually for the first prayer meeting. Some split into groups to pray the Rosary and a small group also gathered in Marco’s room an hour before meet ing time to intercede.  God gave us the following messages:
•    Pulling out weeds and pulling people out of darkness.
•    Removing religious and territorial spirits.
•    Feeding of the 5000 – we have 5 loaves and 2 fish and God will use what we have to multiply.
•    Vision of dove, water and fire.
•    Burning bush passage – God will deliver His people from Egypt (the World), importance of knowing the identity of God as “I Am”, God’s command of sending Moses out – just like sending the Mission Team out.

First Prayer Meeting
First prayer meeting of the THS 2012 Mission Trip kick started with “How Great is Our God”. 
Fr Chan (a Jesuit priest from Hong Kong who has been in Taiwan for 22 years) gave a blessing and sharing after praise and worship. Main message was to ask Jesus to open our spiritual eyes to help us courageously evangelise.

The topic of Imsoon’s talk was “God is Love” – the first of an intensive 3 day Life in the Spirit seminar. Imsoon said that all who came to tonight’s prayer meeting was thirsty and hungry or they would not have come through the rain on a Friday night. God has sent them here in the rain for a special purpose as God always brings people to a place to give them something.
Short summary of Imsoon’s talk:
•    Have you ever felt His overwhelming love by the heart and not just by the head?
•    God’s love is active and has power and is working right now. Once we are empowered by the love of God, we can live holy lives as God’s people.
•    Without the Holy Spirit, our faith will never grow as the purpose is for renewal of our faith. Holy Spirit is the source of abundant life.
•    Need to check whether you really love God as the love of God can easily be replaced by our own desires.
•    From original sin, we are like broken glass which needs to be recreated and remoulded. Only God can recreate us and reborn in the Holy Spirit.
•    Unless you can empty the centre seat of your life for Jesus, He cannot do anything.
•    Anyone who stays in God’s love stays with God.
•    The Cross is sign of God’s love.
•    If you don’t know God’s love, better ask.

This is just the warm up. God has sent the right people and just the right number of people to our first prayer meeting.
Thank God for a wonderful start to 2012 Mission Trip. Stay tuned for more updates!