My First Mission Trip

My name is Joshua, I’m 21. Early January this year, I followed THS Charismatic group to Taiwan for my first ever mission trip. Our mission was to lay hands and pray over people, to invoke the Holy Spirit to heal the sick, deliver the oppressed and also to invoke the reawakening of the Holy Spirit within each individual. In 5 days, I followed the mission team to 4 different Churches around Taiwan for prayer meetings, as well as visited a school for mentally challenged students. We had high-spirited praise and worship sessions and inspirational talks from our speaker

What I witnessed was a glimpse of missionary life, but what I experienced was profound. It was life changing.

It was extremely moving to see so many people desperately hungry for God. At every prayer meeting, the Church would be filled with people. However, the numbers did not matter, because you could sense the desire within each individual to seek God. People would come up to you requesting to be prayed over. Some were longing for God, some wanted healing, some wanted to believe more deeply, some wanted direction…They all came with their faith, desiring God, and that was enough for God to move mountains. When I laid hands over people to pray for them, I could sense the Holy Spirit working in them, stirring their hearts. You could truly sense God’s love for His people. If you call onto Him, His only desire is to bless you, love you and fill your ‘cup’ until it overflows. I bear witness to this, for it happened in this mission trip.

The whole 5 days was a very spiritual experience for me. Never have I prayed so intensely and unceasingly. We had to totally surrender ourselves to God and be very attentive to the Holy Spirit, so that it is only God working through us. It is during this self-surrender that God opened my eyes to see things anew and to perceive my world differently. I received a revelation of what grace is, discovered the meaning of the cross and learnt how to intercede. Most of all, I was given new eyes to see that we are inherently spiritual. I grew up with secularism as the main social paradigm and strongly believed in it. However, this mission trip made me aware that it is not possible to divide ourselves into clearly defined compartments of what is spiritual and what is not, which in secularism happens to be our daily life in society among people.  I realized that it is not complete to live secular, and declare that you believe in Jesus. This is because we are still very far from grace. To be Christian, we have to journey all the way to Christ into holiness and perfection. We need to live in accordance with the Gospel no matter where we are or who we are with, and to be transformed by it- to be holy and set apart! Our career, life and everything we do has to be in unison with our faith and God’s will. We can choose the level of privacy when it comes to talking about our religion, but it now seems illogical to me to live two lives- one which is public among the world, another which is private within the Church, where these two ‘lives’ are not allowed to overlap. What I saw in this mission trip made me reflect on my own life and my heart tells me that I need to live differently. I saw how intimately intertwined the spiritual realm is with our earthily lives. Believe it or not, we are constantly battling in a spiritual warfare between good and bad. The devil is very real, and so is God.