Free from bondage

Dear WARRIORS on a mission,

Yesterday I touched briefly on evangelism, healing and deliverance being urgent commissions of the Church. Jesus commissioned us all to cast out demons and to deliver the oppressed.

If we fail to minister healing and deliverance or recognise their importance, we leave people in a bondage from which Jesus died to set them free. His blood was shed so that our chains of guilt and sin can be broken once and for all. Chris Tomlin also agreed when he sang 'My chains are gone, I’ve been set free. My Lord and Saviour has ransomed me'

This week the word 'LIBERATE' has been appearing in my prayers.

It’s a call for us to go forth with the Blood of Jesus to LIBERATE people who are still struggling with demons (believers or non believers alike).

That as we pray over people, we must call on the Blood of Jesus for a complete and total annihilation of demonic spirits in every person's body, soul & spirit so that they are free to worship and dance without reservation or inhibition.

It is only when people are liberated from whatever binds them that they can ARISE & SHINE and truly SEE, HEAR & FEEL what the Lord has prepared for them.

“I will free you from their bondage and I will rescue you with an outstretched arm” - Exodus 6:6


Father, open our eyes so that we are not blind to the deceptive tricks and temptations of the enemy. Banish him forever, I ask in the mighty name of Jesus, from any control in my life as well as in the lives of those we meet on the mission trip so that we can live in freedom.

Remove, through your Holy Spirit, any impure and unholy thinking that sin’s residue has left in our lives. We apply the power of the Blood of Jesus to fend off the burning arrows shot by the evil one.

Thank you for hearing and answering our prayer. Gratefully, in Jesus’ name. Amen.

Be blessed to liberate